Extract Followings from Twitter Account

Extract Followings from Account

Extracts followings of a Twitter account and saves them to an excel file

How it Works?

  1. Edit Config (Function) node

  2. Update msg.excel_path field with the path of excel that the fetched followings will be saved

msg.excel_path = "twitter_followings.xlsx";
  1. Update msg.limit field with a number which is the limit of fetched followings.
msg.limit = 100;
  1. Update msg.twitter_account field with the account name whose followings will be fetched
msg.twitter_account = "robomotionio";
  1. Update msg.auth_token field with the auth_token cookie of your Twitter session. To obtain it follow the following steps:

    1. Login to your twitter account.
    2. Open developer options by pressing F12
    3. Open Application tab
    4. Select cookies
    5. Copy auth_token cookie and paste it to msg.auth_token field in config node

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